Posted 02/09/2021

Experience the transcendental sophistication of the new Fore range of faucets from Kohler, launched newly in Bangladesh. Replete with futuristic aesthetics, monolithic volumes, sustainable performance, and superior functionality, the Fore range is crafted on a sleek low-key profile that expresses authenticity and delivers unparalleled comfort every time.

The range is inspired by the mysterious elegance of neomodern style and serves as an idyllic gateway to the future.

The neomodern style emerged as a reaction to the complexity of postmodernism and neo-eclecticism. It is one of the most dominant forms of design and architecture inspiration since the late 20th century. Seeking greater simplicity and thriving on minimalism, this design language embraces creative ideas and expressive elements to uplift the undeniable charm of minimalist luxury, amid modern settings.

The genesis of Neomodernism can be traced to early modernism, which was a reaction to the Industrial Revolution and World War I and involved the use of whitewashed concrete, steel and glass, against the backdrop of asymmetrical structures with simple, unadorned lines and shapes.

The neomodern style, much like modernism, rejects ornamentation, decorations and is aimed at being predominantly monolithic and functional. Neomodern designs emphasize performance and create an environment of subtle luxury that makes a bold statement, every time.

Driven by neomodern design sensibility, and combining the effortless brilliance of minimalism with a restrained expression of luxury, Kohler Fore is the perfect addition to future-ready modern homes. The simple aesthetics and superior ergonomics of this range enable a transformative user experience.

Blending an aerodynamic profile with sleek contours, Fore offers a balance of luxury and sustainability and provides a spectrum of expressive faucet ranges.

Fore Tri

The humanist details and the unique triangular profile of Fore Tri evoke a sense of aesthetic refinement that becomes the centerpiece in all contemporary settings.

Fore Line

With a strong shoulder line that expresses continuity, Fore Line is bedecked with a simplistic charm that captivates the user’s attention upon every use.

Fore Arc

Modern, future proof, sophisticated yet functional, Fore Arc transforms into a dynamic lifestyle statement with its gliding handle that creates a floating effect.

About Kohler

Since 1873, Kohler Co. has been improving the level of gracious living among its customers by providing exceptional products and services for the home. The company leads the way in design, craftsmanship, and innovation - knit together by uncompromising quality.