In the present times, traffic and stress dominate the daily processes in one’s life. A Bathroom no longer serves a normal purpose. They sometimes act as a peace seeking space, or often give you the ‘ME’ time which is a part of any normal individual’s routine in the modern times. Therefore, the utility of a bathroom has developed enormously, as its forms and types. Now, you can even customize your bathroom as per your preferences, style and designs. Here are some suggestions which may help you choose, What you want? And How do you want it to be?


A showering experience may help you heal your stress at times. The immense relaxation that comes along is like Rejuvenation at its best. What would be better than a Home Spa facility in your bathroom to right size your well-being when you need it the most. Have your own orchestrated showering experience and take care of your health.


Even a shower calls for the right set of emotions and mood, where you’ll need some accessories to make it. A refined Turkish robe and some feathery slippers can set a perfect mood for an easy flow about to take place. Your essentials with the towels of your choice, in at a convenient reach sets it right as well.


Having something to drink, either champagne flute or just some water, after your spa sessions is vital. And for that, having a refined water facility in that space, adds to the ease. Some hues should glow, to settle your thoughts and enlighten the flow – which is catered by A lighted mirror, or a scented candle with a fresh aroma to double the pleasure.


Coming to the main business, bathing as well, has a defined procedure. A dry brush or a body spray, which stimulates the lymphatic system, increases circulation, breaks down cellulite and expels toxins – before you go into water, has become the basic need. Followed by a warm and quick shower, mostly up to 5 minutes is a perfectly done cleansing.


Some toxins hide out and survive, where a steam helps you bring them out with ease while relaxing your muscles. A place to sit and have steam- is a must here. A posh bathtub helps you to settle in and indulge in your space and relaxes you to the core. You can be there as much as you want. Thus, have it as per your space. To reach some normal body temperature, a hand shower is apt as it releases cool water and takes temperature to normal.


What remains is the finishing touches- for which we have multiple designs and you can look for your desired design. A tiny vanity, a resting space, spacious shower circuit and the present essentials and that too, according to your choice, becomes – A ready to endure heaven. Choose your bathroom, don’t just leave it; make it as you want as this space would be your most loyal servant, the peaceful abode, and something which would just disconnect you from the alacrity and hastiness of this world, for as long as you want.




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