Glamorous Gold Bathroom Ideas | Kohler Bangladesh
Glow with soft

As Glamorous as Gold


Highly functional and aesthetic, the sleekness and luxurious accents of shine, add a timeless allure making bathrooms share an impressive presence

Dark and Sensuous

Dark And Sensuous

Nothing look more elegant than the exquisite blend of black and gold. The Turkish marble finish at the centre establishes the grandeur and exemplifies the showering area. Complementing the grey textures of the wall, our dedicated artist added suave with subtle gold fixtures and fittings. It is like the bathroom was a playground for the artist's creative mind. The neutral canvas of the walls gives a rise to refined ceramics and fittings. The Hone faucets are burnished giving them the perfect base for the lavish and splendid Kankara basin. What was missing was the visual look and extension. The mirror accompanies the master design and adds opulence to the space.

Light and Textured

Light And textured

Beating the sophistication and minimalism in bathrooms are pretty impossible. Textures and versatility, this design talks brightness to you. A simple design with geometric ideas overflowing the floor. The Damask Tiles are subtly adding grandeur to the bathroom and the charm of it is just overflowing like anything. Be it the showering area or the overall place of the bathroom, the designs are absolute bliss. The Vox forefront basin adds an exquisite element with the tall valve for sophistication. Comfort is added to Kohler Bangladesh Toilets with the Replay toilet.

Soft and Moody

Soft and Moody

It's the combination of subtle colours and high-end materials that makes this bathroom so elegant. The sophisticated design pulls warmer tones into the mix, while the designer printed tiles and Art deco wallpaper add some luxe touches. It's the blue tiles behind the luxurious ModernLife Edge toilet that give the space its fresh and cool ambience, while the pastel walls complement gold fixtures. Terrazzo flooring adds a pop of fun to the space.