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Bit by bit // Routines comprise all the frequent chores or tasks which are to be completed daily and can often become mundane as a result. They bring structure to our daily lives along with a pseudo sense of purpose which serves as the outline of our day. Routines often have the potential to rejuvenate us for the day ahead by offering an uplifting experience. The possibilities do not end at optimization and organization as they can also introduce wellbeing and hygiene unparalleled by being the foundation of the daily checklist.


But first, coffee // Caffeine is an acquired taste but any morning beverage that can be enjoyed before diving down into the routine. While the basic ingredients remain the same, the preparation can be the differentiating factor in a beverage that is relished and one that is hard to swallow. The beverage experience can be enhanced with the usage of high-quality water, along with an Aquifer Filteration System that can filter the water supply and remove unwanted impurities. Colour out the monotones of a cumbersome routine with the voice-controlled Kohler Konnect faucet to let the flows of luxury pour out without needing a touch. Ensure to place your tea or coffee mug under the faucet at night, making it ready to be filled upon your verbal command. The faucet also maintains the tranquility of a quiet morning by being discrete.


Advancing to the next step // Familiarize yourself with comfort and the epitome of personal hygiene that is made possible by the introduction of a bidet to your routine. As the experience evolves to cater to every desire, toilet tissue is no longer a necessity. Furthering to a rekindling experience of hygiene, self-cleaning toilets with a built-in tank system can make the process an automated and seamless one.


Let sweat // Make use of the positive momentum that comes from a supplement to the routine using a shower which overflows with the feeling of relaxation. A sauna and steam shower would imply the same health benefits as a mild cardio exercise. Kohler DTV+ allows you to orchestrate the perfect interplay of water, music and grandeur.


Cleaning counter, decluttering the mind // A minimalistic approach to one’s organization can often become a key factor in bringing some elegance and bliss, allowing one to distress. A medicine cabinet can efficiently accommodate Items of various sizes as well as configurations. The items can be impeccably arranged through smart storage solutions.


Let the game be your face // Reflections speak a great deal about ourselves and a mirror can go beyond its conventional usage. Adding the morning playlist or an inspiring podcast can further add to the gracious morning regiment. Verdana Voice has an assistant that can be controlled by voice, eliminating the need to get hands-on for every task. Add Bente Countertop accessories to organize the items which are needed regularly.


Maximize the meal prep // The difference between cooking food and artfully prepping a meal lies in the equipment, the ingredients and the state of mind of the chef. Activities such as cleaning, rinsing and chopping can be done masterfully by bringing an optimized sink like Prolific to the environment. Kitchen accessories can also add elegance and convenience to cooking and storing delicacies.


Time to unwind // Relaxing is paramount and a bath that can lift your spirits will also be instrumental in alleviating stress and helping you decompress before hitting the bed. New elements can indulge you in a bathing experience which keeps your mind and body engaged, preparing them for rest. Submerge in the serene inspirations of aromatic accessories along with a choice of book or content to regroup and collect your thoughts.


Building a routine, better // The bathroom and kitchen products by Kohler are carved to deliver an experience that removes you from a state of chaos and bring utmost peace to your mind. The bold designs, functional art pieces, and latest technologies intertwined in every range are how Kohler offers you a lifestyle filled with grandeur.

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