Fixtures & fittings that Combine Flair & Flamboyance to Deliver a Riveting Bathroom Experience

Whether you are building your bathroom from scratch, extending, or renovating, significant time is spent choosing the suitable tiles and color scheme and planning the pigment of the walls. Similarly, bathroom fittings and fixtures play a pivotal role in enhancing the look and feel of the bathroom.

The right bathroom fixtures and fittings create a wow factor in the bathroom. Moreover, premium bathroom accessories add a luxurious touch and a sense of style. Different bathroom fixtures and fittings add zeal to the bathroom design, which attracts and crafts a feeling of comfort to the bathroom design.

Moreover, Kohler offers the best bathroom fittings in Bangladesh that strive to enhance the quality of life for current and future generations through innovation, design, and craftsmanship. They present bathroom accessories in Bangladesh where luxury meets design and makes your bathroom a one-of-a-kind.Kohler bathroom fittings combine intelligence with opulence to deliver the widest variety of Toilet Commode vanity mirrors, and washbasins.

Many times doubt creeps up regarding the difference between the fixtures and fittings, and often both of them are used interchangeably.

A bathroom fixture is a permanent element of your bathroom that is wired or plumbed in and cannot be removed or easily moved without renovation work, such as toilets, bathtubs, and sinks. The sanitary bathroom fittings are features included in your bathroom and the permanent fixtures. Unlike bathroom fixtures, these fittings can be moved freely and easily, such as mirrors and wall cabinets.

Such bathroom accessories instill a sense of luxury in your bathroom. Your sanctum is enhanced by fixtures and fittings that enthrall your user experience and provide an additional sense of serenity to your place of solitude. Here are the different luxurious fixtures and fittings to install to make your bathroom stand out and make them stand a cut above the rest.



The bathtub adds a speck of style and luxury to your washroom and is a focal point for the whole washroom space. A bathtub is a favorite place for kids at home to enjoy and relish the bathing experience. The shape and material used in the bathtub should be considered when buying one.

Toilets Commodes

Toilets Commodes

The variety of choices available in today's time in toilet commodes, is mind-boggling. The most common style is a single unit on the floor called the closed-coupled toilet with the cistern sitting atop the bowl. However, a fully back-to-wall close, coupled toilet can be considered if you are tight on space where the back of the toilet is entirely against the wall. In addition, a wall-hung toilet gives a contemporary feel to the bathrooms and is another great space saver with more straightforward to clean than close-coupled toilets.


Kohler Sinks

The Kohler Sink is the item that can spruce up the stylish look of your bathroom. Size, shape, and material are a few things that you must consider in selecting the right sink for your bathroom. The way to mount the sink also constitutes the decision-making process.



Sink and taps go hand in hand to combine form and function to deliver the ideal user experience. Various options are at your disposal to choose the apt one that goes with your bathroom design and strikes a chord with you. A mono mixer tap or single-hole faucet is about style as practicality. It is a single handle that manages the water temperature from hot to cold, while a center-set fixture has one tap for hot water and one for cold. The former is more contemporary, whereas the latter is more traditional. However, a wall-mounted faucet attached to the wall delivers an ultra-modern experience combining style with substance.

Bathroom fittings

Toilet seats

Toilet Seats

These are the most neglected bathroom fitting that undergoes wear and tear due to frequent use. Thermostats or thermoplastic materials are typically used in toilet seats. Kohler bathroom fittings, including the bidet seat, make it effortless to instill freshness and guarantee personal cleansing of your existing toilet. Kohler's bathroom fittings in Bangladesh offer a combination of lavishness and convenience to deliver the ultimate user-friendly experience.

Mirror Cabinets

Wooden Mirror

Mirror cabinets are the easiest way to keep your bathroom products neat and organized while maximizing storage space in your bathroom. Wall cabinets with mirrors are a fashionable choice that offers a contemporary look. Mirrored cabinets aid in dressing up but also keep your bathroom essentials secured, making your bathroom look spick and span.

Ultimately, premium fixtures and fittings add the oomph factor to your bathroom, making it unique and breaking the monotony. Kohler's wide and exclusive range of accessories aims to combine sustainable Innovations with bolder solutions. Thebathroom fittings price in Bangladesh remains affordable while offering the highest quality to deliver an enchanting experience that leaves you spellbound.

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