Your Guide to Choosing the Perfect Bathroom Faucet

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Welcome to our in-depth guide to purchasing bathroom taps! When remodeling your bathroom, even the simplest things can significantly impact it. "The devil is in the details," as they say. Each little thing counts greatly.

Thanks to the large selection of bath tap designs and finishes, you can construct a bathroom that expresses your style. A variety of bathroom faucets can complete sinks, showers, and tubs throughout your home. The game's name is the primary consideration while selecting a tap, although style is also undoubtedly important. We're delving further into bathroom faucet configurations, such as single-handle, center set, widespread, and wall-mount options, as well as handle kinds, such as lever, cross, and knob handles.

Whether you're changing a tap or completely remodeling your bathroom, knowing these aspects will help you make an informed choice that improves appearance and functionality. Our shopping guide may help you find bathroom sink faucets that match your needs and style. We'll review every detail and help you choose the ideal bathroom tap. To assist you in selecting the right bathroom tap, you must first respond to a few questions. Moreover, these are considerations to keep in mind more than the questions.

Are you replacing a faucet, remodeling your bathroom, or building a new home?

It is important to consider whether the new tap will work with the current plumbing connections while replacing an existing one. Also, consider replacing the tap with a higher-quality one to prevent leaks or wear and tear. Kohler basin taps are the best-in-class faucets to save you from the hassle of replacing your bathroom faucets prematurely. Due to innovations in production and materials, our faucets are normally guaranteed to last a lifetime. Most Kohler shower faucets and bathroom sinks have a lifetime limited warranty.

The choice of tap is now more flexible when redesigning a bathroom. You can select a tap that complements the updated style and decor of your renovated area. It is important to take into account the general theme and style of your renovated bathroom. This guarantees that the bathroom faucets complement the theme as a whole.

Moreover, taking on the construction of a new house offers you a lot more leverage. You are creating things from the ground up, making the possibilities endless. You can choose a tap that aligns with your tastes and vision. You can select faucets that go well with your new area's architectural style and layout.

Do you need to match existing hole configurations in your sink?

Yes, while selecting a bathroom tap, you must ensure the hole configurations match. Of all the factors, compatibility is the most important. Your countertop or sink's hole count and placement should coordinate with your selected sink tap. Ignoring this detail could result in concealing or drilling new holes where holes already exist, which can be expensive and impact the look.

Is the bathroom sink faucet for a master bathroom or a smaller space?

Whether the bathroom taps are intended for a larger or smaller space affects them. Smaller restrooms have less counter space, so selecting a tap that only takes up a little room will be beneficial. Choosing the right bathroom tap guarantees it will stay consistent with other fixtures and give the area a small feel.

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More options are available for the master bathroom, such as a larger countertop to fit a wall-mounted or broad faucet for increased convenience and design or two sinks.

Since we have answered the most common questions, let us deep dive into the faucet types.


Single-handle faucets, designed to work with sinks that have a single hole or a 4-inch escutcheon, benefit smaller bathrooms greatly by being simple and space-saving. They allow users to control both the temperature and the volume of water with a single handle. Different heights are suitable for various bathroom sink installations.

Center set

Centerset faucets provide balance and variety by combining handles and spouts into one continuous device. They are perfect for installing an undermount bathroom sink. The compact and space-efficient design fits sinks with three tap holes four inches apart.


T widespread faucets make Customizable spacing possible, which results in visually arresting bathroom designs. fits nicely with under-counter bathroom sinks and decked vessels. Perfect for sinks having three tap holes, eight to sixteen inches apart.


Wall-mount faucets create a distinctive focal point and conserve counter space, especially with vessel sinks. They are a simple design that works well with under-mount, wall-mount, and above-counter sinks. They coordinate with any bathroom sink with or without a deck.

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Closing Thoughts

Whether changing a tap or completely remodeling your bathroom, knowing these aspects will help you make an informed choice that improves appearance and functionality. Kohler faucets are the solution for selecting the ideal faucet that blends design and substance. Kohler bathroom taps are your one-stop shop for shower taps, wall mixer taps, sink taps and water faucets.

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