Modern LifeEdge – World’s Slimmest Bathroom Suite

Bring the modest magic of ModernLife EDGE™. Experience the contemporary grace and ergonomic support of perfect planned seat design, along with no-splash container, as you embrace the supreme hygiene of a rimless creation.


Edge of Design

Explore the plush blend of modern style with ergonomic ease, attributed to a skilfully designed toilet seat and splatter-free body.

Edge of Hygiene

Feel the comforting rimless make that includes sophistication and chic to your modern bathroom. Condescending rim-free structure with wider vessel provides the required luxury of easy cleaning.

Edge of Endurance

Designed to be 50% better in strength, with greater chip defiance as compared to normal ceramic

Edge of Precision

XTR Xtra Slender Rim creating slimmest aesthetic built with 15 mm bowl edge thickness as well as 7 mm thick vessel edge.

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