Modern LifeEdge – World’s Slimmest Bathroom Suite

Transform your haven with the unpretentious charm of ModernLife EDGE™. Explore the modern elegance and ergonomic ease of specially created seat and no-splash vessel, as you witness the unparalleled hygiene of real rimless design.


Edge of Design

Explore the plush blend of modern style with ergonomic ease, attributed to a skilfully designed toilet seat and splatter-free body.

Edge of Hygiene

Feel the comforting rimless make that includes sophistication and chic to your modern bathroom. Condescending rim-free structure with wider vessel provides the required luxury of easy cleaning.

Edge of Endurance

Designed to be 50% better in strength, with greater chip defiance as compared to normal ceramic

Edge of Precision

XTR Xtra Slender Rim creating slimmest aesthetic built with 15 mm bowl edge thickness as well as 7 mm thick vessel edge.

Experience the fresh and clean atmosphere with Kohler

John Michael Kohler and Charles Silberzahn, both Austrian immigrants, founded Kohler Co. in 1873. Among the earliest items were cast iron and steel farm equipment and beautiful iron pieces like grave crosses and settees. In response to the enormous Bangladeshi market, Kohler constructed its first shop in Dhaka and built Kohler's first showroom. Kohler Bangladesh was created to fulfil the rising need for items that are contemporary, stylish, and versatile.

Cleanliness goes hand in hand with happiness and energy. A clean environment fosters tremendous tranquillity and renewal in its purest form. Kohler has placed the greatest emphasis on hygiene for the previous 150 years.

Kohler Bangladesh understands the value of clean bidet seats and touchless faucets. While toilet paper is used in some European and American nations, it can never be as effective or clean as a bidet. Water is the finest agent for effectively cleaning us.

Bidet seats and bidets

With the technology and intelligence of Kohler C3 chairs, Kohler gives your bathrooms a new appearance. The C3 series is enhanced with features like an oscillating or pulsating spray, stainless steel wand with UV-light self-sanitization, and more to enhance the bathroom experience for modern consumers. With front and back wash settings as well as warm water for washing, the Pureclean bidet improves personal hygiene. Pure clean also offers a heated seat option with temperature control, which will undoubtedly improve your comfort and elegance. A toilet paper could never do the same clean work as a bidet and could never give the same level of hygiene.

The Veil Intelligent Toilet is a luxurious toilet with various precise features that ensure optimum hygiene. Its Germshield Technology, which contains silver ions and antimicrobial chemicals, protects against viruses and bacteria. It implies that everyone will be healthier and less susceptible to viruses and that we will live long and happy lives. Kohler Bangladesh designed its products with the utmost attention to detail, particularly in terms of hygiene.

Touchless faucets

The colourful and gleaming faucets include a touchless sensor that detects and functions properly, preventing germs from spreading. Kohler's Kinesis technology delivers precise measures for all-around cleaning, allowing you to easily complete all kitchen and bathroom activities. So many devices for personal hygiene were invented by Kohler Bangladesh, including this touchless faucet. Touchless faucets can help you keep your bathroom cleaner and more convenient. You may turn the water on without touching a handle or knob, which means you won't introduce germs or pathogens to your family.

Toilet essentials

Touchless soap dispenser

A touchless soap dispenser is a gadget that helps to prevent cross-contamination between many applications. This is why so many public and shared venues. However, we should use them even in our private spaces because bacteria may be found anywhere, and we must constantly be cautious.

With that in mind, Kohler presents you with a touchless soap dispenser with features including a strong beam resistant infrared sensor, adjustable sensor distance and soap volumes, high, medium, or low soap pouring quantity, and an anti-drip spout to keep worktops clean and more.

Touchless hand dryer

This touchless hand hygiene solution avoids the various needless contact points associated with utilizing paper towels as a drying technique, including handling during production, shipping, storage, restocking, and, once used, the germ-laden trash collection. That's how it becomes necessary.

Products of wellness

Kohler's wellness necessities will refresh and rejuvenate your mind, body, and spirit. A unique showering experience awaits you with all its aspects, which you may tailor, from the refreshing covering of a rain head to a spa-at-home experience with multi-functioning showerheads.

Handshower without hoses, ceiling rain panels, and wall-mount showerheads are examples of wellness items. All of these goods are designed to promote hygiene and cleanliness, as well as to make individuals less susceptible to germs and infections.

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