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Incredible performance. Award-winning design. Innovative technology with Kohler one piece Toilets, you can count on it all. Our range of stylish and ergonomically designed toilets give you powerful and efficient performance with the cleanliness and comfort you want.

Modern Life & Luxury Remarkable Products

Behold, the perfect synergy of remarkable performance, world-leading contemporary design and groundbreaking technology! Crafted masterfully to offer a seamless bathroom experience, the dynamic range of Kohler One- Piece Toilets comes packed with modern features that nurture comfort, cleanliness, and overall wellbeing.

The seamless ergonomic design of One-Piece toilets is adorned with a French curve seat, crafted to perfection by Kohler. These toilets are compatible with Kohler C3 seats and deliver beyond just style with their exceptional class five flushing performance and zero leakage feature that conserve water.

Moreover, the Kohler One-Piece toilets are very compact, and can be installed with ease to upscale the modern minimalist look in your dream bathroom.

One Piece Kohler At One with Luxury - Kohler

The Best One-Piece Toilets from Kohler Bangladesh

The entire structure with reliable electricity and no waste. We seldom sacrifice cleaning strength or bowl washing because it's no mystery that a harder wash leads to a clean basin. Our designers created toilets with flat bases since the toilet base is the most difficult to clean. Because we don't have the nooks and crannies of a traditional toilet, grime has fewer hiding places, making our toilets easier to clean. Water conservation benefits wildlife, fisheries, creatures, humans, and the future. By balancing the perfect amount of water with the right amount of electricity, we aim to produce a water-efficient flush with plenty of power.

Types of Toilet Commodes

Smart toilets offer a superior user experience from top to bottom, enhancing comfort and cleanliness. These innovative toilets help reinvent one of life's most basic routines, from heated seats to warm-water cleaning to automated flushing.


Wall-hung Toilet Commode offers a sleek, easy-to-clean design that is great for small bathrooms. With concealed in-wall tanks, just the seat and flushing plates are fastened to the wall, resulting in a streamlined design that simplifies cleaning and saves up to 12" of space over typical floor-mount toilets.

One Piece Toilets

Witness the ideal blend of outstanding performance, cutting-edge contemporary design, and ground-breaking innovation! The dynamic collection of Kohler One-Piece Toilets is expertly crafted to provide a seamless bathroom experience, with innovative features that encourage comfort, cleanliness, and general wellbeing.

One-Piece toilets have a seamless ergonomic design with a French curve seat designed to perfection by Kohler. These toilets are suitable with Kohler C3 seats and provide more than just style with their outstanding class five flushing performance and water-saving zero leakage function. Furthermore, Kohler One-Piece toilets are extremely small and simple to install, enhancing the modern minimalist style in your ideal bathroom.

Toilet seat (two pieces)

It is the most often used Toilet Commode and offers great value. It is combined with a different tank and bowl. Chairs and bowls with hidden or fringed trap methods are also given. Two-piece toilets have a removable tank, making them more adaptable to different designs and heights. Bidet connections and low-flow energy-saving features are available in both types.

Toilet Seats

All KOHLER toilet seats are built with comfort and aesthetics in mind. Depending on the model, our smart chairs include a variety of extra capabilities, such as deodorizing choices and improved personal hygiene. Kohler creates toilet seats with the same intentional attention and innovative energy that we put into our products to make your life easier and your home more attractive. Our toilet seats provide creative bathroom solutions, from guiding you in the dark to providing warm-water washing. Our smart seats outperform traditional toilet seats in terms of comfort and cleanliness. During the day, personal cleaning and deodorizing features increase your confidence, while LED lights keep you safe at night.

Features -


Natural soothing water is a pleasant replacement for toilet paper in toilet seats with personal washing capability.

Pure fresh

Bathroom smells are neutralized using a carbon filter, intelligent fan, and fragrance pack embedded in the seat's hinge.


Lighted Toilet Commode includes two LED lights that help you find your toilet in the dark and brighten the bowl when the lid is opened.

Kohler Bangladesh

In Bangladesh, Kohler is a very well known company. There are basins, faucets, toilets, bathtubs, toilet seats, and pools. With our Products, you may find your favorite Toilet Designs. Kohler Bangladesh offers a wide range of sanitary items in Bangladesh, including bathtub faucets. Choose a Kohler toilet, commode, basin, and accessories for your new bathroom. Kohler Bangladesh has everything you need to construct your bathroom, from little bath ideas to family bathroom requirements. Kohler toilets are noted for their appealing design and ease of use. a ten-year guarantee Specifically created for the Indian climate. Crisper features and Prize Concepts distinguish and differentiate offerings.

San Raphael, Single Flush - Kohler Toilet Seat

San Raphael Grande

K-8688T-S-0, Single Flush 6 L

Modern Life, water Saving - Kohler Toilet

Modern Life

K-77739T-SL-0, Water Saving 3/4.5L

Veil, One Piece Toilet - Kohler


Veil K-1381T-S-0, Dual Flush design 3 / 4.5 L

no image


K-17629IN-SM-0, Dual Flush Design 3/6L

no image


K-3983IN-S-0, Water SAving 3/4.8L

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