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VIVe is a playful and meticulously crafted experience, where the elegance of its handle and the body just leaves no bounds. It’s handle has such a playfulness which momentarily obstructs the sculptural form on actuation but makes the user to have it settled back, to restore the flow of the dance-like pose. The user is integral to VIVE’s emotive fluidity in motion.


  • The Vive Range calls for self-expression in its finishes, with is in all, radiant and brilliant.

  • Easy and Playful Handle: Its special handle movement playfully puzzles you everytime you use it.

  • Superior reach: Even at low pressure , it does not contact with the vessel.

  • Life-50: Cartridges have been tested for 50 years of use.

  • Life-Bright: It has finishes that remains two times longer than the industry standards.

Kohler's vive

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