Exploring Different Types of Showerheads

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Since childhood, we have fancied rain. The feeling of dancing and making merry in the rain has always been a big part of our childhood. To replicate this, showerheads offer the best bathing experience to transform how you take baths. You can have the same feeling of getting drenched in the rain with showerheads.

They are now an integral part of the bathroom. However, choosing the best showerhead requires understanding how to make the most of it since showerheads are a long-term investment.

From traditional, and contemporary to filtered showerheads, there is a long list of types of showerheads but not everyone is created equal. Even though the primary purpose remains the same, there are several varieties of shower nozzles to take into account. Here are the different types of showerheads to choose from and enjoy your bathing experience.


Rain, rain, come again. There is no need to wait for the rain to come your way. Waterfall shower heads or Rain shower heads are the ultimate in showering luxury. A rainfall shower's main characteristic is a vast spray surface area of 10 inches or more despite the wide variety of possible forms. This simulates the soaking feeling of a downpour for a revitalizing shower. Unlike ordinary fixed shower heads slanted towards the shower wall, rainfall showers are often fixed and installed directly overhead.

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After the luxury of a rainfall shower head, a disguised or recessed shower head emulates the same cascading appearance as if falling directly from the ceiling. A ceiling-mounted shower head resembles a regular one only when it sits perfectly flush. It usually has a straightforward square or round plate that distributes water.


Aerated shower heads are among the few that truly live up to the promise of a powerful shower experience. Though they utilize less water than a regular shower head, these smartly constructed components simulate enhanced water pressure by mixing water and air. They reduce water consumption while maintaining water volume, which makes your shower enjoyable and environmentally friendly.


This standard shower setup includes a square or circular shower head fixed directly to the shower wall. This straightforward brassware choice, when installed, gives your shower area a tidy appearance. It is a simple, clutter-free alternative that works well in both traditional and contemporary bathrooms. Both big-area rainfall showerheads and smaller, more focused models are available for fixed heads. You can use a shower head with a hose to make it more accessible.


The dual shower, sometimes known as the combination shower, has a fixed showerhead and a handheld showerhead, the most practical shower fixture. The shower valve that serves both of these heads is attached to it. A diverter allows you to alternate between these two outlets, allowing you to use the handheld fixture for more focused bathing or the fixed head for a full drenching shower.

They are a flexible option offering the best of both worlds & are particularly helpful in family bathrooms. One of the negatives of dual showers is that they require additional fixtures, such as a riser rail and shower hose, which can break up a clean and contemporary aesthetic.

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Closing Thoughts

These showerhead types help you make an informed decision in choosing the ultimate showerhead. When looking for best-in-class showerheads, Kohler showerheads offer unmatched precision and performance. Always opt for Kohler showerheads for a rejuvenating showering experience.

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