How to choose the perfect mirror for your bathroom?

Are you done with trying everything and still unable to elevate the look of your bathroom? Well, you can move forward with the idea of a mirror. Designed to enlarge the appearance of every room, the mirror sets an incredible feel. Especially, thinking about an ideal bathroom without a mirror is truly impossible. Hence, let us help you make the right choice of a mirror for your bathroom. Check out the latest Kohler Bangladesh tips and reframe the aura of your bathroom now:

The shape of the mirror

Before deciding about any other factor of the mirror design for the bathroom, it is significant to think about the shape because it all starts here. The shape is the key factor in carving the unique proposition of the mirror. However, there are multiple shapes to choose from:

  • Square mirror
  • Rectangular mirror
  • Teardrop mirror
  • Hexagonal mirror
  • Round mirror
  • Oval mirror
  • Sunburst mirror

The Type

Later, there comes the part of the type. Finalizing the type of mirror for your bathroom proves to be time-consuming since the whole game belongs to the type. But, on a broad basis, there are two types of mirrors.

Frameless mirror: As the name signifies, frameless mirrors are the ones without any frame or layout on the edges. These mirrors frame the contemporary wall mirror design perfection for the bathrooms.

Mirror Design

Frame mirror: Without any doubt, frame mirrors are the opposite of frameless mirrors since these mirrors hold varied frames. For instance: The ornate mirror, suspended mirror, simple frame mirror, rimmed mirrors, and so on are the prominent names of frame mirrors.

Wall Mirror Design

Go ahead with an unconventional size

When it comes to the mirror's size, many people end up ruining their bold bathroom look by buying small-sized mirrors. In fact, you can expand the magic of your bathroom by choosing real sized giant mirrors. Not just that, but the large mirrors create the illusion of broad spaces. On the other hand, these mirrors significantly add to the aesthetics of your bathroom. Hence, feel free to use a long mirror with a light for the bathroom.

Settle beyond with the design fronts

Up next, focussing on the design of your luxury bathroom mirrors is yet another integral factor. While checking the design, you can primarily look at the mirror's cut, measurements, and decoratives. Also, if you opt for the frame-based mirror, ensure to sync in with the colors of your bathroom. However, to redefine the captivation of your mirror, you can rearrange the lighting for the bathroom.

So, this way, you can put your hands on an outstanding mirror for your bathroom. Now, wait no further; browse through the magnificent luxury bathroom mirrors designs from Kohler and repicture your best bathroom with no delays.

Long Mirror with Light for Bathroom
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