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Experiment with Matte Black

Play with Matte Black

The beauty of black never fails in looking good in everyone’s homes. To add to the effect, matte texture in black adds a tinge of class and style to the whole view. Choosing black matte to design the bathrooms can be a bold decision but it becomes irresistible with Kohler’s Vibrant® Brushed Nickel or Polished Chrome.

Matte black can be used and styled in a variety of ways and Kohler does that for you. Matte black adds a sense of elegance to the interiors which gives a polished look to your spaces. To help you visualise the possibilities, our KOHLER Bathroom Design Service experts created three unique bathroom designs incorporating Matte Black in a variety of ways.


The most classic combination of colors is Matte Black and gold. One can never go wrong with this color combination. Be it interiors or the color of the facilities, this color design brings maturity and contemporary elegance to the whole place. The warmth of brushed gold and wood soften the stark contrast of the blacks and whites so that the room feels modern without becoming cold and uninviting.


2. Classic and Contemporary Black and White

The evergreen and eternal combination of white and black has been used in designing for centuries and this combination holds such beauty that this combination will go on to be in use for many more centuries to come. The matte black vanity in the bathroom matched with blue green walls and white countertops is bold and casual at the same time. Complementing this design, matte black faucets lift up the look of the place. Other fittings also attached in combination are a perfect design to revamp the look of the bathroom

Classic and Contemporary Black and White

3. Bungalow Bold

Inspired by the historic Beverly Hills Hotel, a dramatic Martinique banana leaf wall covering sets an energising tone for this bold yet playful space. Matte black in itself has a lot of variations and can be used in different expressions to change the feel and look of the place. Be it used as subtle shading or glossy countertops, Matte Black adds casual eclecticism to the bathroom.

Still unsure about how to incorporate Matte Black into your next project? Work with a Kohler designer through Kohler Bathroom Design Service. Explore the possibilities of matte black and the beauty it can bring to your house. Receive a one-on-one counseling session by the best designers and modernise the design and way of your living.

Bungalow Bold