Make Your Bathroom Luxuries with Kohler Bathroom Accessories

Kohler is a well-known and leading brand globally. The primary mission of Kohler Bangladesh is to offer "Gracious Living" to its customers. The brand attained and achieved its goal via invention and creativeness. With Kohler, you can customize your bathroom. Kohler Co. offers various Bathroom accessories from Mirror to Faucets to offer gracious living to its consumers with high quality and technology.

Suppose you're living in Bangladesh and want to renovate or own a new home. Then, go with Kohler Bathroom Fitting. You can find various products such as Bidet seats, toilet commode, Vanity, wash basin sink, etc., to make your living easier, comfortable, and luxurious. Scroll down for more information.

Bathroom Accessories by Kohler

Bathroom Accessories

Are you looking to transform your bathroom? Do you want to live in a utopia? Well, Kohler is the right choice. Before changing a bathroom, it's essential to modify the bathroom accessories. With bathroom accessories only, you can feel the touch-hood and luxury. Each bathroom accessory has a vital role to play. Especially if you're living in Bangladesh, visit Kohler Bangladesh to begin a seamless experience.


Bathroom Mirror

A mirror makes the invisible beauty visible to you. In Kohler, you can find classic Bathroom Mirrors and chunky outlooks. You can choose a Bluetooth mirror if you're a music lover and hear music anytime and anywhere. If you have secrets to hide, opt for a cabinet mirror. You can customize your mirror with unconventional sizes and shapes like a rectangular mirror, square mirror, hexagonal mirror, and teardrop mirror from frame to frameless mirror.

Bidet Toilet

Bidet Toilet

Cleaning the Bidet Toilet will make us tense and frustrated. To overcome this challenge, Kohler offers bidet seats with ergonomic design, exceptional flushing performance, easy installation, and saves water with zero leakage for a hassle-free experience. In addition, the ergonomic design has five adjustable modes according to the water temperature and wand position.

Toilet Commode

Toilet Commode

Toilet Commode is one of the essential components in bathroom accessories. If you prefer a water-consuming commode, go for a less-water-consuming flusher, as it discharges less water with high pressure, efficiently removing the dirt. Meanwhile, you can't frequently invest in the toilet commode as it's expensive. Hence, buy a durable and comfortable toilet commode to make your investment worth it.


Bathroom Vanity

It would be best if you always chose a Bathroom Vanity that occupies less space. Kohler offers Vanities with HDHMR material which is water-resistant and scratch-resistant to give the best quality. Kohler vanities are durable and hold up to 250kgs. Also, they come with an extra warranty and Vanity to provide a hassle-free installation.

Wash Basin

Basin Design

In Kohler, you can choose and customize your Wash Basin according to size and shape. If you prefer a wall-mounted wash basin sink rather than a standard one, go for it. Or if you want an ethnic style Basin Design, round lavatory and contemporary type forefront lavatory are the best choices. Also, they have varieties of basins with automated technology for an eco-friendly environment.


Sink Faucets

Bathroom Faucets make your day comfortable. Hence, it is ingenious to opt for a durable Sink Faucet. Kohler provides faucets with efficient cleaning and dual-spray technology, giving you a unique and robust outlook.


Bathroom accessories are always a one-time investment. Whether rich or poor, you can't change them frequently as they are expensive. So, if you want Bathroom Fittings that are of high quality, Kohler is the best choice. They never compromise on quality and deliverables. Hence, if you're living in Bangladesh, have a visit to your nearest Kohler Bangladesh to make your bathroom luxury at affordable costs.

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