Bathroom Shower: 7 ways to remodel your designer bathroom

The bathrooms in our homes play a significant role, let's face it. Both functionality and aesthetic appeal are important in your bathroom. While getting ready for the day is important, enjoying the process is also important. Bathroom fixtures, architecture, and lighting continue to advance for this reason. The preparation process will be more fun if we can simulate being at a spa. If you're thinking of remodeling your bathroom, have a look at these various bathroom shower design ideas.

Corner Showers

Corner Shower

Corner shower stalls are convenient since they may easily fit in compact bathrooms. A sliding door, glass frame, or curtains can be used to divide the corner shower. A corner shower with a triangle design is typical, but you may also purchase one with a round base. Design the shower area with tiles in soft designs and calming colors, and complement it with accessories in bright colors to give it a fashionable appearance.

Walk-In Showers

Wall in Shower

Open spaces without shower trays, doors, or glass panels are perfect for walk-in showers. Modern homes are well suited for walk-in showers, and since their enclosures are typically frameless, the bathroom appears larger and like an addition to the area. Even though it is built with a lower ledge to restrict water, a walk-in shower is more practical than a regular shower since it offers accessibility and safety to people with mobility impairments. Ceramic or glass tiles can be used in the walk-in shower area's design. For a more opulent appearance, accent with golden color.

Glass Showers

Glass Shower

Glass shower designs are popular because they have a modern, elegant appearance and can improve the entire design of a bathroom. The accent tiles in a bathroom can become the room's main attraction with the help of a glass enclosure. Additionally, glass shower booths create a private bathing area inside the bathroom. Glasses come in a variety of block shapes, thicknesses, and colors. For the installation of the shower and other bathroom equipment, sliding doors provide greater space. If you want seclusion, use a frosted or textured finish. Due to their ability to offer a secure and spacious entry, hinged shower swing doors are a popular choice. Frameless glass shower doors are still popular because homeowners choose simple, minimalist designs.

Bathroom shower with seat

Bathroom Shower with Seat

Include a shower seat in the shower area so that you can unwind and take in the cascading water flow. For leg shaving and foot cleanses, a shower seat can be used as a footrest. Choose a built-in shower bench that merges in perfectly with the wall, marble, or granite. Shower benches that are built into the wall have an opulent appearance, and the area below them can be used for storage. In the event that you choose a folding or floating bench, make sure that the seat is sturdy.


Making the best selection can be difficult for some due to the abundance of options available in the market. The top Kohler bathroom shower designs in this post will satisfy all of your requirements and provide both flair and comfort. These shower designs come in a variety of colors and styles and will never go out of style. We’ll be elated if this article was helpful to you in making that decision.

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