5 Must Have Bathroom Accessories to Amp Up the Style Quotient

When designing or remodeling the house, every detail is considered. The bathroom is the first place one goes to as soon as they get up in the morning and the last place one visits before crawling into bed at night.

Furnishing the bathroom of your freshly constructed house or furnishing an old one is as vital as furnishing any other room in the house. It's a space where you unwind yourself and get rid of the day's tiredness and hence should always be immaculately organized and easy to maintain. One can design immaculately according to their preferences, and certain accessories are never to be missed out.

While renovating your house, one has to focus on bathroom design, which should remain their top priority. A wide range of bathroom accessories can assist you in enriching your bathroom experience and setting the tone for a refreshing and modern bathroom vibe.

Bathroom accessories make your bathroom more fashionable, flexible, and user-friendly. The right kind of bathroom accessories can enhance the user experience and set the desired atmosphere in your bathroom.

Bathroom shower, toilet commode, and mirrors comprise the basic necessities of the bathroom. However, there are some other accessories that help to improve the ambience of your bathroom. Kohler provides a wide range of amazing bathroom accessories to make your experiences worthwhile.

Presenting 5 must have accessories to elevate your bathroom feel to the next level.

Soap Dispenser

1) Soap Dispenser

A soap dispenser is a crucial accessory to use in a bathroom. Soap dispensers enable a healthy internal environment and minimize the risks of illness. Good hygiene habits are imperative, so installing a soap dispenser on your sink to wash your hands after using the bathroom.

If you want to increase the elegance of your bathroom, then the Kohler soap dispenser is the right choice. The ergonomic spout provides easy one-handed pumping to dispense soap, lotion or hand sanitizer. A non-slip base avoids tipping and sliding on your countertops.

You can also go for fancy soap dispensers or automatic soap dispensers by Kohler, This touchless soap dispenser promotes better hygiene in the bathroom. One can fill it with foaming soap or liquid soap according to their choice. Simply hold your hand under the spout to dispense soap.

Towel Rings

2) Towel Rings

Towel holders are essential, but they can also add a charming touch to the bathroom with their shine and glitter. These accessories are necessary, practical, long-lasting, and stylish, ensuring that your bathroom serves every purpose. Browse through the extensive collection of Kohler’s bathroom accessories to add the final touches to your bathroom. They are available in silver with chrome finish, come with corrosion resistant towel rings and carry a premium construction for enhanced durability.

Vanity Mirror

3) Vanity Mirrors

No bathroom is complete without a vanity mirror. Be it small or a huge one, a luxurious or a simple one, every bathroom deserves a mirror. The bathroom can be transformed into a well-designed space with opulent vanity mirrors.

Vanity mirrors remain an essential part of your bathroom. An efficient bathroom vanity space can speed up your morning routine and make it easier to wind down in the evening.

As part of the bathroom accessories, this is the pièce de résistance that will complete your bathroom. You can find them in different forms and shapes, different details and finishes and depending on what you like, it will give a twist to the vibe in your bathroom. A nice vanity mirror provides a special vibe to your bathroom. To help keep all of your items nearby in a spick and span condition, Kohler offers a luxurious range of bathroom vanity that makes you go awe and indulge in a world of endless possibilities.

Bathtub in Bangladesh

4) Bath Tub

To get an entirely new look or transform the look of your bathroom, a bathtub can have a significant impact on the magnificence of your bathroom. If you want to decorate your bathroom around, a bathtub is an integral part.

A bathtub plays a vital role as an essential piece of the functional decor as well as to amplify the class of your bathroom. Bathtubs have long been associated with royalty and richness. Nowadays, you will find different types of bathtubs with versatile colors which enhance the luxurious look of your bathroom. Kohler’s extraordinary range of bathtubs would take you back to the days of majestic and Kingsly era when bathtubs were a symbol of grand splendor.

Basin Mixer

5) Basin Mixer

Traditional basin mixer taps are perfect for adding grace to any bathroom accessories. These usually feature cross-head or lever handles and more ornate detailing compared to modern designs.

Basin Mixer taps can operate equally well on a sink or a bathtub. These taps offer a smooth fluid, effortless operating action and provide you with added reliability as they do not wear out and drip like the traditional washers.

Kohler Bangladesh offers an exclusive range of wash basins with contemporary design that totally transforms the look of your bathroom. Whether minimalistic, contemporary, bold, or dramatic, be your choice. Kohler can literally transform the feel of your bathroom, resulting in a surreal experience.

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