How to Choose the Right Toilet Seat Based on Your Bathroom Need

Toilet Seat in Bangladesh

Recent thinking regarding the bathroom space focuses on lifting daily rituals out of the pragmatic world. Even toilet innovation centers around bringing renewed personalization and a sense of well-being to these rituals. So, choosing a toilet seat requires consideration and decision-making upfront. Various parameters can be taken into consideration to choose the toilet seat that complements your bathroom and deliver on functional aspects as well.

The use of the bathroom plays a crucial role in selecting the apt one. Whether it would be used as a master, guest, or kids’ bathroom. Your answer may impact the features you choose, from cleansing or bidet toilet seat functionality to an easy-to-clean design.

Are you replacing a toilet commode, remodeling your bathroom, or building a new home? If you’re replacing only the toilet you may want to choose the same footprint to avoid gaps with the existing floor.

Moreover, it is important to take into consideration the end user of this bathroom space. Someone with difficulty sitting and standing. In such a scenario, the toilet commode placement can be placed a little higher to make getting up and down easier.

Nowadays, bidet seats that offer personalized cleansing are changing the way people think about private rituals.

To ensure that the toilet seat matches the overall bathroom theme. It is in sync with the toilet wash basin and other bathroom toilet accessories.

Toilet Design

As you choose your toilet, you can consider a few details that will have an impact on the overall space as well as ease of use and cleaning. From the footprint to the position of the flush handle, the devil is in the details. These minute details will ensure you have a smooth experience going forward.

Toilet Seat Shapes

Toilet Seat Shapes


Pointed, or elongated toilet seats are very common. Offered in a range of styles and again, tend to be featured prominently in traditional designs. Many people find elongated or pointed toilets more comfortable, although they are more expensive than rounded designs and take up slightly more space.

Elongated Toilet Seats


Similar to square-shaped seats, D-shaped toilet seats are modern and stylish. They pack slightly less punch aesthetically than square-shaped seats but are great for those who want a modern feel in their bathroom without going too overboard.

D-shaped toilet seats


Round toilet seats have an older design and suit traditional bathrooms. They take up less space and suit those with space constraints. The simple and understated look of the round toilet seats can do wonders when it comes to giving your bathroom a more traditional feel.

Round toilet seats


Square seats are popular in minimalist-style bathrooms. They are modern, generally soft-close and angular which is great for people who want to add a modern touch to their bathroom.

Square toilet seats

Wrap-Over Seats

Wrap-over seats carry a lid that completely covers the seat. This makes them minimalist, modern, stylish, and immensely practical. They help to keep things tidy and compact, apart from maintaining a hygienic seat that's protected by the top lid.

Toilet Seat Materials

Toilet seats usually come in a choice of two materials, plastic or wood.

Plastic Toilet Seats

Plastic seats are more standard. Besides being cheaper and more malleable, they are also easier to clean. The primary types of plastic used are Thermoplastic and Thermoset, whereas plastic resin is another option. Thermoset is a touch expensive as it’s more scratch resistant, but all three types are long-lasting. Resin toilet seats can be produced in any color, and items or pictures can be ingrained into the surface of the seat. This makes them a great option in a kid’s bathroom. The biggest issue with plastic seats is they can get cold in winter - not something you want to endure first thing in the morning!

Wooden Toilet Seats

Wooden toilet seats are less wear and tear friendly, but they will offer you a warmer seat in the winter! Natural wood toilet seats look more traditional and can be purchased in a range of finishes to suit your bathroom. The two types of wood majorly used include MDF or engineered wood, and solid wood.

MDF wooden seats are made of pressed wood fibers. Hygienic, comfortable, and easy to clean are key features of MDF wooden seats. Oak, pine, or mahogany are used in making solid wooden seats.

While solid wood seats look fantastic, their durability can be a challenge - so it’s worth doing your research before you buy.

Types Of Toilet Seats

Soft Close Seats

Soft close hinges stand as one of the best inventions around, as there’s nothing more irritating than the sound of a lid-slam in the morning. Soft-close seats can be operated easily and are affordable nowadays.

Soft Close Seats

Ultra-Slim Seats

Ultra-slim seats are modern, and minimalist and can uplift the look of your bathroom by manifolds. They are available with soft-close hinges. They can make your bathroom look bigger, although not specifically designed for small spaces with their compact design whereas the same thing can’t be said about bulkier seats won’t do you any favors when it comes to space-saving. Ultra-slim seats look aesthetically pleasing design-wise. Combining them with Kohler toilet bidet seats that include smart technology functions such as intimate hygiene wash, air dryer, and UV sanitizer wand can make your toilet an object of envy as it combines both forms as well as function.

Kohler toilet

Bidet Seats/Smart Seats

Bidet seats are the latest revolution in bathroom space. Also known as intelligent toilets, they have everything you would need from a toilet seat. Some are available with a huge array of features including heated seats, LED night lighting, deodorizing capability to mask the odor, air dryer temperature levels for superior dying experience, automated cleaning, energy saving mode, and adjustable water and temperature levels.

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