About Us

Kohler Family of Businesses

Over the course of its history, Kohler has expanded from a plumbing products company into a global, multi-industry leader, providing quality products in each of our core family of businesses. Our innovative design, craftsmanship and technology help us maintain a leadership role in our industries and provide our customers with a path to more gracious living.


Recognized as a global leader in design and innovation, the Kitchen & Bath Group manufactures fixtures, faucets, cabinetry and accessories for residential, commercial and industrial markets worldwide.


Providing dependable residential, industrial and marine power solutions, the Global Power Group manufactures generators, transfer switches, switchgear and controllers, and engines.


The Hospitality & Real Estate Group’s portfolio boasts the first and only five-star hotel property in Wisconsin, world-class championship golf courses as well as a 5 AA Red Star property.


Distinctive products for discriminating designers, hoteliers, and consumers.


Our company's founder, John Michael Kohler, was an Austrian immigrant, a businessman, and a visionary.
Determined to make a name for himself, John Michael Kohler purchased a cast iron and steel foundry in Sheboygan, Wisconsin in 1873, and settled into life on the shores of Lake Michigan. That might have been the end of the story, with John Michael fading gently into obscurity. Instead, he made the fateful decision one day to coat an iron horse trough with enamel and market it as a bathtub.   

The bathtub was an instant hit and a new, exciting business was born. From those humble beginnings, our company has grown beyond what John Michael might have ever imagined, and the Kohler name has become synonymous with quality and originality.

Today, that same spirit lives on at Kohler and in each of our four business units.  


Learn more about our history as one of America's oldest and largest privately-held companies by viewing the Kohler History Timeline.

Mission Statement

We have always believed in the concept of gracious living. It’s a term we pioneered, and it means that we are dedicated to making sure that our products and services bring charm, good taste and generosity of spirit to the lives of our customers.

Gracious living also means an appreciation for nature and the world around us. Taking care of our environment and thinking of new ways to protect our resources is at the very heart of our mission.

We focus on this goal of gracious living every day, and every day we renew our promise to bring its spirit to everything we do.

To Lead a Luxurious Life - Need a Kohler Accessories

Everyone's dream is to have a luxurious life, but time flies before we catch it. Making and feeling our life elegant and comfortable is not a cup of cake. Being a global leader Kohler makes everything possible as a scoop of ice cream. Kohler as a brand stands for innovation and invention. Over its history, Kohler has extended the service from its plumbing products firm into a multinational, global-industry brand leading and delivering quality outputs in everyone's life. They are well-known for their renowned kitchen products and bathroom accessories.

Kohler's vision is to provide "Gracious Living" to its customers, and keeping this in mind, the organization launched and extended its wings as Kohler Bangladesh. The firm opened its first store in Dhaka and became a storage unit for various Kohler products such as toilet seats, sinks, showers, baths, and faucets. Kohler bathroom accessories and other products are always affordable with high quality, making them a global leader.

Bath Accessories

Kohler bath accessories are built with growing demand for products and their specificity. They offer the products with trendy, innovative designs, aesthetic touch, and multifunctional utilities. The Kohler brand has been trustworthy for more than a century. They never compromise their quality, durability, and fashion due to any circumstances.

Are you looking for trendy bathroom accessories? Do you like to enlighten your bathing experience? Are you a person who needs sophistication and luxury in your Bathroom? No matter who you are, everything you need is in Kohler. Kohler Bangladesh offers various bathroom accessories sets suitable for all generations.

Toilet Seats

Replacing or Seating a toilet seat is a reasonably straightforward duty. Not all the toilet seats suit the same because each toilet seat comes in various sizes, shapes, and colors. The Kohler toilet seats provide elegant style blended with comfort. They come in a wide range of colors, from Mettalic black to winy pink, which offers high durability, non-breakable, and flexibility.


Showers are one of the essential aspects of bathroom accessories. The chlorine and the other elements in the water poured directly via Showers may damage your hair and makes it fragile. In this case, Kohler offers Showers with the rain duet filter with a five-layered filtration to protect your hair free from chlorine and other heavy metals. Apart from these, Kohler has various Showers with a wide range of sizes according to our tastes and preference.


Sinks are one of the most important products used in our daily life. Kohler provides sinks with a sleek and natural color that complements many kitchen styles at home in transitional and stylish spaces. They are available in different types and sizes with wall-mounted and freestanding sinks. Kohler also has a wide array of faucets explicitly designed for use with their sinks.


Kohler faucets blend seamlessly with your style and design. They infuse innovation via ceramic products and vibrant finishes. Kohler has top-quality faucets of various types, such as Lavatory faucets, touchless faucets, Bathtub faucets, and hygiene shower faucets. With a wide range of variety, these faucets satisfy your needs.


Being a brand for more than a century is not an easy task. High-performance, top-quality, and satisfying customer needs make Kohler a great brand. The company never compromised in its luxury and sophisticated experience. Kohler as a brand stands for innovation and invention. Their products come with a lifetime warranty and a guarantee which makes us happy. Investing more money and buying the products may be easy, but maintaining them will be the most challenging job. With proper maintenance and care, the Kohler product may last for a very long-time. Plag Snip