Posted 27/5/2024

Your Guide to Choosing the Perfect Bathroom Faucet

Welcome to our in-depth guide to purchasing bathroom taps! When remodeling your bathroom, even the simplest things can significantly impact it

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Posted 24/5/2024

Exploring Different Types of Showerheads

Since childhood, we have fancied rain. The feeling of dancing and making merry in the rain has always been a big part of our childhood. To replicate

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Posted 28/3/2023

Explore and Upgrade to the Latest Kitchen Taps

It is often seen that when designing or upgrading a kitchen, we tend to pay more attention to layouts, lighting, flooring, and appliances.

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Posted 08/3/2023

6 Accessories that Can Revolutionize Your Bathroom in 2024

Like all other years, 2024 will be another revolutionary year in the world of design and decor. It will be full of advancements,

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Posted 18/10/2023

A Complete Guide to Choosing the Right Faucet for Your Kitchen

A kitchen without a faucet is like driving a car without fuel. Imagine? Just like fuel is crucial to driving a car, a faucet is an

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Posted 16/10/2023

Bring Delight To Your Bathrooms With These Designs

Bathrooms can be delightful, especially if the space is designed and equipped to the user’s requirements and comfort.

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Posted 12/10/2023

Different Trending Faucet Designs You Need to Know

Knowing that every detail matters when designing your home, the faucet is one of them! It is a device

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Posted 25/09/2022

How to Choose the Perfect Toilet Seat for Your Bathroom?

Mirrors are a rather everyday accessory that finds space in all our homes. It spruces up a space like no other.

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Posted 21/09/2022

How to Choose the Perfect Toilet Seat for Your Bathroom?

When people design or renovate their bathrooms, they pay little attention to the toilet seats.

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Posted 22/02/2022

Kohler Toilet Seats: Your Way to an Opulent Experience

When people renovate or design their bathrooms, less attention is paid to toilet seats.

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Posted 15/02/2023

Different Mirrors Styles to Add a Sumptuous Look to Your Bathroom

A bathroom mirror is a seemingly simple object, but its presence can profoundly impact the functionality and aesthetics

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Posted 07/12/2022

How to Choose the Perfect Wash Basin for an Enriching Bathroom Experience

Designing a new bathroom space is a perfect chance to inject a unique flair and character into your home.

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Posted 03/12/2022

How Vanity Mirrors are the Right Addition to your Bathroom for a Luxurious Look

When you think about renovating your bathroom, apart from the ceramic fittings, the mirror is essential to add to your bathroom.

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Posted 15/11/2022

Unparalleled Luxury: Stylish & Modern Bathroom Design Ideas

Remodeling or designing your bathroom might be a difficult task at hand.

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Posted 09/11/2022

Fixtures & fittings that Combine Flair & Flamboyance to Deliver a Riveting Bathroom Experience

Whether you are building your bathroom from scratch, extending, or renovating, significant time is spent choosing the suitable tiles and color scheme and

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Posted 29/10/2022

7 Stunning Wall Mirror Designs to Enliven Your Home Space

Accessories hold a special place to adorn the house. They deliver the finishing touch to your home and give a personal touch.

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Posted 20/10/2022

5 Must Have Bathroom Accessories to Amp Up the Style Quotient

When designing or remodeling the house, every detail is considered. The bathroom is the first place one goes to as soon as they get up in the morning and the last

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Posted 12/10/2022

Bathroom Shower: 7 ways to remodel your designer bathroom

The bathrooms in our homes play a significant role, let's face it. Both functionality and aesthetic appeal are important in your bathroom.

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Posted 07/10/2022

Glitz and Glamor- Best Bathroom Fittings by Kohler

One of Bangladesh's top bath fittings suppliers is Kohler. The name Kohler is well known throughout the nation for manufacturing high-quality kitchen and bathroom fittings.

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Posted 28/09/2022

7 Modern Bathroom Vanity Designs to Match Your Style

Recent thinking regarding the bathroom space focuses on lifting daily rituals out of the pragmatic world.

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Posted 20/09/2022

How to Choose the Right Toilet Seat Based on Your Bathroom Need

Recent thinking regarding the bathroom space focuses on lifting daily rituals out of the pragmatic world.

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Posted 14/09/2022

5 Factors To Consider While Choosing the Best Sanitaryware

Although we may assume that the bathroom's interior is overlooked, is it really the case? Even though it may be concealed from view, you shouldn't

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Posted 06/09/2022

Matte Black Bathroom Accessories Ideas

Black Bathroom accessories are the key to making your washroom look tidy, elegant and classy.

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Posted 17/08/2022

Introduction to Kohler Wash Basins

A wash basin is a type of sink commonly used in bathrooms. They are widely used for washing your hands and face but may also be used for brushing your teeth or shaving.

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Posted 09/08/2022

Choosing Bathroom Sink Faucets in The Most Artistic Manner

The selection of Bathroom Sink Faucets might be challenging. It is easy to be overwhelmed by the extensive range of available models, materials, finishes, and pricing.

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Posted 02/08/2022

Make Your Bathroom Luxuries with Kohler Bathroom Accessories

Kohler is a well-known and leading brand globally.

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Posted 16/07/2022


Choosing a commode does not seem like a complex task. All those who picked the wrong product may realize how annoying it can get.

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Posted 07/07/2022

How to choose the perfect mirror for your bathroom?

Are you done with trying everything and still unable to elevate the look of your bathroom? Well, you can move forward with the idea of a mirror.

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Posted 16/06/2022

Bathroom Vanities by Kohler

No bathroom is complete without a spacious and designer vanity.

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Posted 18/05/2022

As Glamorous as Gold

Highly functional and aesthetic, the sleekness and luxurious accents of shine, add a timeless allure making bathrooms share an impressive presence

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Posted 4/05/2022

Best White and Bright Bathroom Ideas

Decorating with white may seem to be a safe choice, but it is everything.

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Posted 20/04/2022

Best ideas for a great Loo

Bathroom design concepts are influenced by various aspects, including the size, form, location, and purpose of the space in which they are implemented.

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Posted 12/04/2022

Experiment with Matte Black

The beauty of black never fails in looking good in everyone’s homes.

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Posted 06/04/2022

Jennifer Gizzi- DIY Dynamo

The relentless, powerful Jennifer Gizzi of Making Pretty Spaces is a perfect example of a fearless female DIYer.

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Posted 09/12/2021


An elegantly re-designed bathroom shouldn’t lose its impressive shine over time.

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Posted 15/11/2021


When you seek luxury without any adjustments, when you look for creating some majestic ambiance and when your vibe needs something unique but familiar you resort to Kohler.

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Posted 11/11/2021


In the present times, traffic and stress dominate the daily processes in one’s life. A Bathroom no longer serves a normal purpose.

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Posted 29/10/2021


The designs that are timeless often appeal to a larger number of eyes and tend to have a hint of elegance.

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Posted 29/10/2021


Routines comprise all the frequent chores or tasks which are to be completed daily and can often become mundane as a result. They bring structure to our daily lives along

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Posted 14/10/2021


It is paramount to have some personal time when one can upkeep their physical and mental health - one of the most difficult things in today’s times.

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Posted 14/10/2021


What is that the word ‘Bidet’ implies for you? If you are someone who lacks experience with a Bidet, you might still know someone who has used or regularly uses it.

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Posted 14/10/2021


The ever-changing marketplace of toilets might seem cumbersome and confusing. The past decade has transformed the industry with newer and popular technologies that have resulted

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Posted 02/09/2021

Faucets of the future, crafted by Kohler

Experience the transcendental sophistication of the new Fore range of faucets from Kohler, launched newly in Bangladesh. Replete with futuristic

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Posted 16/08/2021

Intelligent Luxury Uplifts Wellbeing

The world is rapidly evolving and adapting to smarter ways of life is a leading trend. Be it smartphones, smartwatches, smart cars, or smart homes, Read More

Posted 12/01/2021

Greening The Bathroom

Expert florist and founder of Bageecha, Sonal Shah tells you all you need to know about adding an element of nature to your bathroom – sharing the need for Read More

Posted 12/01/2021

Keeping It Raw

Making the most of materials to create an ideal sense of calm is the highlight of any space. Architect and designer Nishita Kamdar shares Read More

Posted 11/01/2021

Rules Of Enhancement

The simplest additions can transform a space from plain to picture-perfect. Neesha Alwani, co-founder of ns*a Architecture and Interiors, Read More

Posted 11/01/2021

Surface Trends To Look Out For!

Ahsan Ansari, Niels Schoenfelder and Nishita Kamdar share striking coverings that will turn your bathroom into a hip and stylish space. Read More

Posted 11/01/2021

Homogeneity: From Bed to Bath

Maintaining a sense of synergy between the various spaces of the home is an important aspect while designing small spaces. Read More

Posted 11/01/2021

Different Strokes

Chennai-based architect Niels Schoenfelder of Mancini Enterprises shares four ideas to enhance the indulgence, while still keeping it simple. Read More

Posted 08/01/2021

Riveting pattern play by Suryaditya Bose

The powder toilet is an eccentric and meticulously designed space, considered to be the most important part of the design as it is used Read More

Posted 12/01/2021

Quirk In The Hideaway Room

While people’s homes are a true reflection of themselves, it is the powder rooms that allows for an opportunity to experiment. Architect Ahsan Ansari Read More