7 Stunning Wall Mirror Designs to Enliven Your Home Space

Accessories hold a special place to adorn the house. They deliver the finishing touch to your home and give a personal touch. While furniture and home appliances are common, accessories make your home feel special and unique.

An empty wall asks several questions. Whereas decorating them with paintings and wall art gives them a finishing touch. Nowadays, another popular way to adorn your beautiful home iswall mirror design. They are an excellent substitute for space you have pondered over for a while.

Whether bedroom, living room, or hall,mirror design always stands out to make your house a cut above the rest. While such trends have been going on for a while,designer bathroom mirrors have caught the world's fancy like no other. There are endless mirror styles to spruce up your bathroom look and elevate it to the next level. Moreover, a broad and premium range of Kohler Mirror designs can make your home experience superior.

Grid Accent Mirror

Kohler Mirror

Live life king size is the idea behind this mirror design. With its humongous measurement, the grid accent mirror offers the perfect way to jazz up your home in style. Whether looking for an over-the-couch accent piece or a home entryway, it is an ideal statement piece. By all means, it screams luxury and can amplify its look by adding a table lamp and a flower pot.

Round Accent Mirror

Bathroom Mirrors in Bangladesh

Round accent mirrors with a classic slender metal frame offer a timeless look. This is one design you can't go wrong with. Sizes range from 18 inches to 45 inches in diameter. It offers versatility with availability in different sizes and shapes to make it the apt choice for hall and bathroom mirrors in Bangladesh.

Arched Wall Mirror

Designer Bathroom Mirror

Designer bathroom mirror carries a certain panache that makes your room look elegant and classy. Another unique feature is the usefulness of this design. It is a multipurpose mirror, whether as a bathroom mirror, bedroom, or hall. Available in various materials, including antique bronze, brass, and brushed nickel, adding a luxury touch to your space.

Leather Strapped Hanging Mirror

Wall Mirror

Apart from an easy installation, incorporate some boho flair into your space. Leather Strapped Hanging Mirror combines style with substance. The compact size aids in making a subtle statement. The addictive wall mirror design makes you look at the wall to check out yourself and the mirror.

Woven Leather Mirror

Mirror Design

Such is the beauty of the piece that makes you admire it for hours. Woven detailing adds texture and will receive applause from anyone who glances at this beautiful piece. The walnut base border makes for an eye-catching design and a must for those who love artistry. Its good hanging size makes it ideal for hanging on a gallery wall or an entryway.

Antique Sunburst Wall Mirror

Antique Sunburst Wall Mirror

Lighten up your space 24/7 with this enchanting piece. It will serve as a source of positivity and warm vibes. The wooden ray frame encircled around the mirror, combined with a medium size, makes for neutral tones that avoid overwhelming the space.

Square Wooden Wall Mirror

Wooden Mirror

A wooden mirror with a square side is a sight for sore eyes. Light brown wood construction makes for a weathered look. The added dimensions on the side make it great to combine with the dressing mirror. Adorn yourself in the mirror worth adoring. Hang this above a metal furnishing or wood console table to intensify the contrast

Lastly, a mirror is more than a piece to dress up yourself. It reflects your personality, and the same applies while choosing various mirror designs. Garnish your home with diverse mirror designs. Take a step ahead, and indulge in the endless possibilities to decorate your bathroom withKohler Bangladesh's captivating collection of bathroom accessories to enrich your home and make it appear like a dream come true.

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