It is often that people ask, what is a Bidet? While Bidet is a relatively new product in the American and European markets, it has been a common household product for decades or even centuries in some cultures. Technological advancement and growth have enabled the bidets and bidet seats to evolve in a free flow of state. This has resulted in an immense increase in the overall hygiene and ease of cleansing, thereby, adding to the well-being of users. An expansion in the range of options often results in the paradox of choice.


A simple upgrade.
Any individual who might be bidet-curious or is looking for the latest products to enhance their level of personal hygiene can dip their toes in the fresh waters of attachable accessories for toilet seats. Manual bidets can serve as an ideal starting point for the individuals who are beginning to use the spray for washing. The modular bidet can be fixed to most of the seats in the market and be controlled by the user. The bidet is engineered to be able to clean itself after every wash.


Go big on comfort.
A convenient wash serves as only one of the features of a bidet. Bidets that are power-operated comes with a list of additional features and functionalities. Some of these features include temperature controlled-water spray, air-drying and aromatization post usage. These functionalities are operated from the panel that is located on the side of the seat. UV-sanitization is yet another feature of the seat that is smart by design.


Genius-level intelligence.
As primitive as the underlying objective of a bidet might be, the latest and most bleeding-edge features to raise them to the standard of intelligence, as primal as it may be. These bidets can even offer an operation free from touch and automate the process of flushing, reducing the spread of germs. Individuals can pick from a diverse variety of product lineups that offers an unprecedented level of comfort, convenience and personal hygiene.


A touch with the original.
The inception of bidets can be traced back to the 17th century, which was essentially flushing toilets and as basic as it could get at the time. The ever-growing popularity of bidets resulted in their worldwide adoption. For decades, bidets have been the reason for the reduction in usage and manufacturing of toilet tissue that is an added benefit for the environment. A standalone bidet would be the perfect choice for those who prefer to stay contemporary in their spacious bathrooms and toilets.

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