Bring Delight To Your Bathrooms With These Designs

Bathroom design Colours by Kohler

Bathrooms can be delightful, especially if the space is designed and equipped to the user’s requirements and comfort. These are spaces where one spends most of their time, whether showering, relieving themselves, soaking in the bathtub, or getting dressed. Hence, it is natural to want to look for a certain way - more comfortable, less gross and more like home. To evoke such emotions, simply picking and placing bathroom accessories won’t be enough. It would require more work, in-depth information and, most importantly, trust.

Very few brands across the world have lived up to people’s expectations. One of them being Kohler. In 150 years, Kohler has impressed generations at homes, public sanitary places, and the sanitary industry as a whole. Time and again, the brand has straddled new collections, upgraded existing ones, and revolutionised bathroom designs. A trendsetter, to be precise, Kohler is accredited by people for its exceptional design, functionalities and aesthetics.

Below is a list of the bathroom elements by Kohler which are nothing less than extraordinary bathroom designs:

Colours by Kohler

Colours light up any space. All you need to do is just pick one. They accentuate the beauty of a room, increase its vibrancy and, most importantly, make one feel better. To couple colour with intrigue, Kohler has positioned a rich collection of colourful bathroom designs ranging from peacock, indigo, matte black and grey for its consumers.

If you’re looking at creating a statement with colours in your bathroom, select from #ColoursbyKohler.

Mix and Play

It is time to break away from the need to match every element of your bathroom design. You can keep it light and breezy by mixing and matching the elements from different collections. Likewise, do not hesitate to keep it all in sync if that is more your style and suits your present home vibe.

Bold Statements

Creating a statement shouldn’t be limited to your living rooms only. Expand and look beyond. Pick a designer element of a sanitary accessory or any element you’d like to include in your space. These can be decor pieces, large mirrors and even vanities. At the end of the day, all that matters is the grandeur of your place must match up to your taste and preference. You’d be pleasantly surprised by the elegant collection of mirrors, which represents the vibe of the house of Kohler.

Smart Luxury

Installing smart accessories in your bathroom can glam it up manifold. Additionally, these accessories make the space more hygienic, user-friendly and, at the same time, environment-friendly. Kohler offers many such luxurious, smart, touchless and automatic toilets, faucets and other bathroom accessories that uplift a space per the modern consumer’s lifestyle.

Add Finesse With Finishes

Kohler’s faucets are available in different finishes. These finishes come in bronze, rose gold, matte black, metallic titanium and ombre. Designing experts tell finishes to add a certain subtly to bathrooms, and many homeowners have begun to invest in great finishes to evoke a luxe feel.

Back To Basics

Classics over everything else. This is a style everyone loves and would want to opt for. They come in elegant designs and options - specifically from the house of Kohler, which are a total delight.

Pick Rooms

Kohler has not limited itself to singular products only. They have curated designs for whole bathrooms that require no additional research from your end. These designs have been assorted by the best international designers, coveted for their sense of design and aesthetics. These Kohler looks range from beautiful designs which balance the contemporary flair and minimalistic style to classic glams and natural designs. Overall, Kohler boasts designs that suit every individual's tastes and preferences.

Keeping all the above in mind, we recommend trusting Kohler with your installation of sanitary fixtures, bathroom accessories, bathroom designs and others. Every element of the brand includes the personal intent of the designers, which makes them durable as well as top-rated in the wellness industry today! To buy sanitary fixtures online, you can either go to the official website of Kohler or walk into any Kohler showroom in your city right away.

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