Posted 12/01/2021


Expert florist and founder of Bageecha, Sonal Shah tells you all you need to know about adding an element of nature to your bathroom – sharing the need for factoring in size, space, light and air, and selecting a plant that will make your bathroom go from basic to upbeat in an instant!    

Why Plants….

Guests mainly use powder rooms, so it’s important to keep them looking as elegant as possible. And introducing greens into the space is the easiest way to add a dash of vibrancy. Sonal Shah, a premier florist and founder of Mumbai-based plant boutique Bageecha, says, “natural greens make for a great decor element in any space and create a little more energy compared to something artificial”. 


What Greens To Buy

Due to lack of sunlight and increased moisture in this area, when purchasing a plant, always think about the kind of greens you can add – some may not survive in such a space. “Succulents like cacti fit well, since there’s enough water in the environment. Smaller climbers like money plants or bamboos, and genus like Peperomia, Zamia, Syngonium and Dracaena work well too, since they don’t need too much sun. They fit quite nicely into a table top planter due to their small size,” advises Shah. Ferns too are an option to consider.

Unfortunately, flowering plants are a no-no unless you have a big window to place them at – they need at least six hours of daily sunlight to be able to produce blooms. Coloured plants too, will slowly turn green if kept indoors, since they need a lot of natural light.   

For those who want to go the extra mile and create unusual elements like plant walls, Shah has some tips. “You should only consider doing this if there’s enough natural light filtering in, and the bathroom is significantly large in size with good height. And choose from plants that are able to survive with less light and more moisture,” she explains.


How To Care

Caring for all living organisms is essential, and it’s no different with our houseplants. “They have a pigment called chlorophyll that converts carbon dioxide from the environment into oxygen, and that’s the most important value of your plant. Remember to keep plants close to a window or source of light, and away from ceiling fans or air-conditioners, as they are unable to handle the onslaught of continuous drafts of air,” Shah explains.

“Also keep in mind that plants in the bathroom need to be watered once or twice a week only – 50% less than how much you would water other houseplants. Also change the mud once a year, depending on the plant type. For water-based greens like a money plant, change the water frequently and trim the roots when they cover the entire container,” Shah concludes. 

Sonal Shah, Floral Artist and Founder, Bageecha, Mumbai

Bio: “Flowers are my passion. My plant and flower boutique has been around since the past 40 years, and I’m also a professional Bach Flower Remedy practitioner as I strongly believe that plants and flowers are natural healers.”


Text: Compiled by The Blue Pencil Design Company

Images: Open bathroom courtesy Ritu Nanda; cement planters courtesy Bharat Floorings and Tiles; coloured flower holders courtesy Freedom Tree