Mirrors Can Double The Beauty Of Your Bathroom

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Mirrors are a rather everyday accessory that finds space in all our homes. It spruces up a space like no other. Although basic, in addition to a few statement pieces and accessories, mirrors can change the look of a room. Mirrors have the ability to enhance a setting, make it more welcoming and also very relaxing. When it comes to your bathrooms, a mirror can double the beauty of your space and illuminate it like no other. It is a rather unique accessory that works like a piece of art and, at the same time, adds to the utility factor. There are many designers who work with mirrors alone just to ramp up a space. In this article, we will look at some insights on mirrors as decor and peek into the world of elegant mirror designs by Kohler.

Bathroom Mirror Designs for Your Wall!

Go Big

We place mirrors in our living rooms or even our bedrooms, so why not place them in the bathrooms, too? If you consider an oversized mirror, try to incorporate the same at a decent level. Do not place it way too close to the floor or ceiling. You should place it at your POV level. This way, you can also use the mirror without it just serving the purpose of a decor item.

Kohler Bathroom Mirrors

Mirror with Light

Natural light, too, accentuates the look of a bathroom. It is always advised that you have a bathroom mirror that reflects the light in your bathroom. This will make your space look well-lit and, at the same time, appear bigger. For some mirrors, you can also have LED lighting in the space.

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Framed Mirrors

While you may not be a fan of the framed mirrors, a few framed ones add amazing glam to your space. These frames range from sleek ones to traditional ones with vintage or antiqued frames. This will add a dash of luxury to your bathroom without having to do much with the space.

Experiment with Shapes

Fan of experimenting? Then, try different shapes of mirrors, especially the asymmetrical ones. These uncommon shapes attract a lot of attention and, at the same time, make bathrooms appear bigger.

Turn It Into Décor

As mentioned, a mirror can even work singularly, too. This means all you need to do is allow the mirror to set the tone of your bathroom or space. This means you can turn your mirror into that decor or statement piece that will aesthetically illuminate your space.

Bathroom mirror designs

How to Style Your Bathroom?

At present, the market is filled with options that can create magic within your homes. Well, now you at least realize that mirrors are the quickest and easiest way to change the vibe of your space. While large ones reflect the light and make a space appear brighter, the smaller ones can add much character to a place. Rest assured, mirrors can play a crucial role in deciding the look of your bathroom.

Before you go ahead and select which kind of mirrors you would want for your space, it is always best to assess the space of your bathroom. For instance, the large ones make a small space appear bigger but may give an overpowering look to it. Therefore, we advise it is best to check the dimensions of the mirrors, understand what suits your home schemes best and then you can finally find the option of what is perfect for your style and space.

Kohler has a myriad of mirrors, which can look vibrant and liven up your space. And these range from the sleek and modern ones to mirrors on vanity cabinets, Kohler offers it all. There are also options for choosing the LED lit mirrors, a defogging feature that comes with a pure silver coating. They ensure you have the best experience while using them.

Remember, keeping these factors and points in mind, you will be able to pep up the look and feel of any space.

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